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New web site for Battalion 4 members!

The brothers at 2nd street have started a web site for the 4th Battalion. Check it out!

Battalion 4 web site

Tom Fiskaa sent me the sad news below:

"Just learned of the passing of Joe Daly, Captain of Ladder 18 back in the '70's.
He was living in Edgewater Fl. and died on 12/26/14 at age 86.
All will remember him as a great fire officer and a strong leader-he was also a fine gentleman.
A mentor to me and others who had the good fortune to work for and with him."

The photo below is from the early seventies and from left to right:
Tom Fiskaa, Don Johnston (Chauf.), Captain Joe, Bob Johnson, Bob Newman and Ed Ruckdaschel.




Ladder 18's 9/11 Rig Finds a Permanent Resting Place

Click Here to See a Video of the Ceremony



Welcome to the Home Page of Ladder Company 18. This page has been developed as a tool to help keep all the incredible people that have worked in Engine 17, Engine 15, Ladder 18 and the 4th Battalion in touch with each other. Engine 15 was quartered with Ladder 18 in 2001 and is now part of Fort Pitt. The site is now, and will continue to be, a work in progress. We'll try to post entertaining material, nostalgic items and coming events on this site.  We have a forum page set up so you can post a message for all to see.

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